‘Green growth week’ to promote eco-friendly financing

With financial support being key to fostering eco-friendly growth, the upcoming Global Green Growth Week event in September seeks to provide a link between the developing world and multinational banks, organizers said Thursday.

The Global Green Growth Institute plans to present the first-ever weeklong event on Jeju Island on Sept. 5-9, under the theme of “Maximizing Impact for Inclusive and Sustainable Green Growth.”

With a three-pronged focus on finance, renewable energy and social inclusion, the program will bring together some 1,200 top members of governments, international organizations, businesses, academia and civic groups from around the globe.

The Green Growth Finance Summit slated for Sept. 8 is a key feature, which would help explore various funding solutions and ways to “unblock the barriers to capital flowing,” GGGI Director-General Yvo de Boer said.

“The GGGI is not a financial institution but a policy advisory institution. And we see a great opportunity to link policy skills of the GGGI with financial capabilities of multilateral development banks. So we’re working closely together at the country level,” he said at a news conference in Seoul. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, former Indonesian President and the current chair of the council of the Global Green Growth Institute, speaks at a news conference in Seoul on Thursday. (Yonhap)

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