Green Bag Seminar with Professor Emanuel Pastreich, President of the Asia Institute at the GGGI Seoul HQ

On December 4, the Governance Department of the Office of the Director General, invited Professor Emanuel Pastreich, President of the Asia Institute as a speaker for a Green Bag Seminar at the GGGI Seoul headquarters.

During the Seminar, Professor Pastreich talked about North Korea’s potential as both the threat and opportunity in dealing with the adverse effects of climate change. He also discussed the resolution of tension in Northeast Asia through a complete redefinition of the concept of “security” that draws on highlighting the threat of climate change to the region. Specifically, he raised a question to ponder about how the future development of North Korea should be focused so that it sets a model for collaboration as a response to climate change and gives future debate on security a new relevancy.

Furthermore, he underscored the importance of China-Japan-Korea (CJK) cooperation in global issues such as climate change through a joint effort by the three governments. He noted that GGGI also has been playing a facilitating role in the CJK initiative with the progress with its relationship with Japan. He believes that intergovernmental organizations like GGGI have a key role to play in tackling global climate change such as climate change.

The Seminar was attended by colleagues at the Seoul HQ and country offices.