Green Bag Seminar with Ambassador Young-Mok Kim, Former President of KOICA and Vice Executive Director of KEDO at GGGI HQ

On February 28, 2019, the Governance Department under the Office of the Director General, invited Ambassador Young-Mok Kim as a speaker for a Green Bag Seminar at GGGI’s Seoul headquarters.

During the seminar, Ambassador Kim discussed the trends led by the changes in international order with the weakening global leadership, increasing security challenges, and digital revolution. He further elaborated on the negative effects including conflicts, forced migration, deterioration of environment, political problems, and lack of financial resources. He also outlined the positive effects which include increased public awareness, technology development, and investment/business opportunities. Specifically, he posed a question to ponder about the two-sided coin of climate diplomacy and energy policy and opportunities with challenges for Korea with its long-term planning, diplomacy, and policy on North Korea.

Furthermore, he emphasized the importance of Korea’s role in climate change issues with regards to security and development challenges posed by the DPRK. He noted that GGGI has a potential to play a pivotal role in its initiative with advancing our objectives to address global issues including promoting green growth.

The Green Bag Seminar was attended by GGGI colleagues in Seoul HQ and country offices.