Going green: Volkswagen Rwanda unveils new motor charging station

Volkswagen Mobility Solutions Rwanda on Tuesday, March 30, unveiled a new charging station, thanks to a partnership between the company, Siemens and Radisson Blue Hotel. The new facility is located at Kigali Convention Centre and becomes the second of the kind after the one established in Kigali Special Economic Zone.

According to Serge Kamuhinda, the CEO of Volkswagen Mobility Solutions Rwanda, the new station is a stepping stone to a more environmental friendly transportation. He said: “This milestone is in line with the country’s vision to curb the spread of carbon emission and preserve the environment. Also, this is a strategic location that will help both event organizers and participants using electric cars among other beneficiaries.”

Serge Kamuhinda, CEO of Volkswagen Mobility Solutions Rwanda,

An e-Golf car by Volkswagen charging at the station that was opened at Kigali Convention Centre on Tuesday, March 30. |Photo: Craish Bahizi

“Three more charging stations are in the pipeline, and we hope to establish more and increase the number of electric cars as soon as the government policy on electric vehicles is announced,” he added.

Volkswagen began enrolling electric cars on Rwandan market in 2019, and so far there are 20 of them that are hired by public institutions or operate as cabs. The company says that, in partnership with the government and other partners, it is still in the phase of data collection and analysis on aspects such as performance of the e lectric cars and their suitable conditions before allowing the public to start purchasing them.

During the ceremony to launch the new charging station, Jeanne d’Arc Mujawamariya, Minister for Environment, commended Volkswagen’s efforts towards green transportation.“This further advances Rwanda’s transition to clean and green transportation,” she noted.

Jeanne d’Arc Mujawamariya, Minister for Environment Rwanda

“For more than two decades, Rwanda has fostered a green growth approach to economic development through progressive environmental policies and the protection of our natural heritage. Investing in e-mobility is a continuation of this approach,” she explained.

Meanwhile, Okechukwu Daniel Ogbonnaya, Country Representative of Global Green Growth Institute in Rwanda, highlighted that for the country to be successful as far as e-mobility is concerned, a couple of things need to be put into consideration. “It will be due to carefully crafted policies and regulations that can attract forward-thinking, and intrepid companies such as Volkswagen Mobility Solutions to make it a reality,” he said.

He added: “We see Rwanda as a hotbed for testing new innovations and technologies, particularly when it comes to smart cities and green growth.”

Mr Okechukwu Daniel Ogbonnaya, Country Representative GGGI Rwanda

Tuesday also saw Volkswagen unveil a new vehicle dubbed ‘Polo Sedan’ that comes to add to other products assembled in Rwanda by the company.

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Author : Lavie Mutanganshuro ,