GGKP Webinar – Sustainability after COVID-19: The medical waste response

On May 19, 2020, Deputy Director and Urban Lead of Green Cities at the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI),  Donovan Storey, took part in the GGKP – Sustainability after COVID-19: The Medical Waste Response webinar to discuss how countries can design effective COVID-19 medical waste management strategies.

Highlight discussion points included action plans on how the international community can support developing countries to manage COVID-19 medical waste, how to avoid medical waste crises in the future, and opportunities for entrepreneurs and small businesses in sustainable medical waste management.

“I think that the crisis has really reiterated the essentiality and critical importance of effective, safe, and efficient waste management services,” shared Donovan. “I think what it’s really done is highlighted a greater concern and debate over healthy cities and communities and the role of waste management services in meeting those expectations.”

Watch the full recording here.