GGGI’s National First Steering Committee of the year 2019

On August 7th, the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) held its first Steering committee session on the Country Planning Framework. The National Steering committee meeting is one of the most important institutional mechanism of the GGGI’s process, and it’s usually composed of the key representatives of the Government, civil society organizations, and the private sector, including the Ministry of the Environment, Green Economy and Climate Change, the Ministry in charge of urban planning, the Ministry in charge of Finance, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Water and Sanitation, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry in charge of scientific research, the Ministry in charge of Industry, the Ministry in charge of Local Authorities, the Permanent Secretariat of Non-Governmental Organizations, the Technical Secretariat of the Social and development program, the Association of Municipalities of the Burkina Faso, the Social Economic Council, the National Council of Civil Society and the Association of Regions of Burkina Faso.

The objectives of the session were:
• to present the main results achieved in the implementation of the cooperation program and to collect feedback and guidance on the activities;
• to present and collect feedback on the planned activities in the next coming months;
• to discuss synergy and complementary activities or projects/programs that might good for GGGI to consider in other to avoid duplication.

The expected results of this session included the Bureau’s update on the activities carried out and planned, the reformulation of the recommendations on the implementation approach, and the presentation of the five-year program.

The ceremony began with the GGGI’s country representative, Mallé FOFANA, who welcomed all the participants and gave a presentation of the organization mission, vision, and areas of intervention. After that, the Minister of the Environment of the Green Economy and Climate Change stressed the importance of having this unique dedicated platform that provides an inclusive and integrated approach to discuss and work on the green growth transformation of Burkina Faso.

Two presentations were made focusing on i) GGGI’s vision, mission, and models, led by the Country Representative; and i) GGGI’s national program, activities, and perspectives for 2019 on Green cities, Sustainable landscape, and Green Governance.