GGGI supports Nariño’s Comprehensive Plan for Climate Change Management

San Juan de Pasto, November 10, 2020. With GGGI’s support, the Nariño Government’s Secretary of the Environment and Sustainable Development presented their Comprehensive Plan for Territorial Climate Change Management – or PIGCCT – via the virtual event “Nariño acts on climate change 2019 -2035”. More than 10,000 people contributed to the creation of this document, including 30 local organizations and representatives from public and private entities, and civil society. This plan will be the umbrella policy for environmental management during this subnational governmental period, of which Nariño seeks to consolidate a path of sustainable development. The Plan itself was adopted as a public policy on climate change for the Department of Nariño by the Departmental Assembly in December 2019. Joining to speak at the event were the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, Kimsa, WWF, Fondo Acción, and the Ambassador of ‘Nariño Actúa por el Clima’, all of whom were responsible for a large part of the PIGCCT’s construction.

During his opening remarks, Governor of Nariño Jhon Rojas reiterated his commitment to the environment through the promotion and implementation of this public policy in the 64 municipalities of Nariño, seeking to empower them for climate action and improve their mitigation capacities of GHG emissions and adaptation to climate change. GGGI Colombia’s Country Representative Carolina Jaramillo also moderated the panel “Comprehensive Climate Change Management: an opportunity for the sustainable development of Nariño”, which included experts from the different sectors of international cooperation and civil society to local and national authorities.

The music video for “El Clima lo llevo por dentro” – The Climate Lives Inside of Me, by Viva la Música collective, also premiered and delivers a powerful message of community climate action. Music video production received the support of GGGI, the Norwegian Embassy to Colombia, and the Secretary of Environment and Sustainable Development of Nariño.

To close the event, the hosts presented an invitation for the Nariño community to take the online Green Growth Training Modules, a joint initiative of GGGI, the National Planning Department – DNP and financed by UK PACT, which aims to strengthen societal knowledge on green growth and present how to contribute to sustainability, economic strengthening and social inclusion so that Nariño becomes more prosperous, competitive and equitable.


You can check the video of the event here.

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