GGGI strengthens capacity on voluntary GHG emissions reporting by large industries and Greenpreneurs in Fiji



GGGI continues supporting the Climate Change and International Cooperation Division (CCICD) of the Ministry of Economy (MOE) in implementing the Climate Change Act 2021 under the the partnership with New Zealand´s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) through Low Emission Climate Resilient Development (LECRD) Program. The Climate Change Act 2021 is an ambitious and comprehensive legislation that creates the way forward to take Fiji to reach net zero carbon emissions goal by 2050.  It also intends to assist CCICD, MOE in developing a robust greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory.

In alignment with the Section 32 of the Climate Change Act 2021, GGGI is working closely with five large industries – cement, iron and steel, gold mining, forest industry and forest business-, in the awareness creation and capacity building on voluntary facility-level GHG emissions reporting and removals. GGGI’s LECRD.

On March 21st, 2022, two capacity building workshops were undertaken in Suva, aimed at enhancing the use of customized GHG emission reporting templates, procedural guidelines as well as compilation and use of existing data and information in order to prepare a GHG report.

In the morning session, four large industry companies joined the workshop with representatives from CCICD, MOE and GGGI. In the afternoon session, a total of ten entrepreneurs referred by GGGI’s Pacific Green Entrepreneurs Network, representing nine small businesses, joined the hybrid capacity building session. The capacity session included representatives from CCICD, MOE with opening remarks and overarching presentation on the implementation of the Climate Change Act 2021.


GGGI’s training has provided an early learning on GHG emission reporting and reporting requirements and possibility to take action to reduce emission. Modules on capacity building, GHG workbook and procedural guidelines will be shared with first cohort of participants to familiarize with future GHG emissions reporting requirements. GGGI will coordinate with CCICD, MOE to broaden and scaling up GHG emission reporting activities aiming a bottom-up Fiji national GHG inventory preparation and maintain transparency.


About GGGI and the Low Emissions Climate Resilient Development (LECRD) program

The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) is a treaty-based international, inter-governmental organization dedicated to supporting and promoting strong, inclusive and sustainable economic growth in developing countries and emerging economies.  In close collaboration with the Climate Change and International Cooperation Division (CCICD) of the Ministry of Economy and funding from New Zealand´s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFAT), GGGI is implementing Low Emissions Climate Resilient Development (LECRD) program in Pacific Islands Countries.

The LECRD program supports regional resilience and emissions reduction by working with Pacific Islands Countries to transition to inclusive, low emissions and climate resilient development. As such, it promotes multi-stakeholder and innovative LECRD programmatic approaches that will leverage existing Pacific experiences to support governments integrate mitigation and adaptation planning, policies, and actions across sectors and national, local and community levels and multiple sectors.