GGGI signs an MoU with KOICA

October 25, Seoul – The Global Green Growth Institute signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) today with the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) at the GGGI Seoul headquarters for the deployment of KOICA Multilateral Cooperation Officer (KMCO) and KOICA International Development Volunteer (KIDV) with various GGGI projects.

An MoU was signed between Mr. Kyung Hoon Sul, Vice President of KOICA and Mr. Robert Dawson, Deputy Director-General and Head of Operations Enabling Division of GGGI.

As experts and volunteers, KMCOs and KIDVs will be engaged, mobilized and deployed for a period of 24 months on average by KOICA to GGGI to strengthen the partnership as well as to enhance the effectiveness of multilateral cooperation. KOICA is particularly interested in expanding its engagement and cooperation in the green growth arena through human resources capacity building. This collaboration will have a significant long-term impact for GGGI.

Among the delegates from KOICA were Ms. Young Ran Kim, Director General for Global Human Resources Coordination Department and Mr. Seunghwan Shin, Assistant Manager for Global Human Resources Coordination Department. From GGGI, Ms. Jenny Hyoeun Kim, Deputy Director-General and Head of Green Growth Planning and Implementation (GGP&I), Mr. HyoYoul Kim, Principal, Program Development, GGP&I and Ms. Christel Adamou, Head of Human Resources were present at the MoU Signing Ceremony.