GGGI Senegal signs an MOU with World Water Forum Executive Secretary on the road to the 9th Edition In Dakar

The 9th World Water Forum will take place in Dakar from 22 to 27 March 2021. The ambition of Senegal and the World Water Council is to organize a different Forum, at the social, political and economic levels, a Forum that is a catalyst for action to accelerate universal access to water and sanitation, a Forum that is connected and linked to global agendas and commitments relating to SDGs, the Sendai agreement on natural risks and disasters, the Paris agreement on climate, Africa’s 2063 agenda, etc.

The Forum will also be an opportunity for Senegal and the World Water Council to exchange views on the future of water and sanitation, and a contextualized, global and community-based Forum anchored on key water challenges in Africa and around the world.

It is from this perspective that GGGI Senegal signed an MOU with the Executive Secretary in order to demonstrate the interest of our organization to take a part at this biggest world water event in the world which might took place for the first time in sub-sahara region.  Country Representative Romain BRILLIE addressed remarks to that extent and emphasized GGGI mandate overall with Senegal program highlights. The sanitation is a key component on the green cities developement project in senegal. Sharing experience and explore the opportunity to label the other projects.

The executive secretary welcomed GGGI approach as inter-governmental organization with strong experience on supporting countries in their transition to efficiency gains connect to the green growth new paradigm. The key role they used to have on sanitation questions especially in Kolda and Kaolack region where projects are being implemented. Hopes are high that GGGI will contribute to the Dakar 9th edition in 2021.

The “Dakar 2021” Forum will focus on four priorities, namely:

  • Water Security and Sanitation
  • Water for rural development cooperation
  • Means and Tools, including the crucial issues of financing, governance, knowledge management and innovation; four axes that constitute priorities for Africa, but also for the world as a whole. An action plan will be shared with embedded bodies as  preliminary work regarding the forum.