GGGI Releases Report on E-Mobility Policy Measures

Seoul, Republic of Korea, –23 February 2023 – Electric vehicle (EV) adoption has significantly increased in the last few years.  The promotion of E-mobility is recommended as a main strategy for countries to both reduce greenhouse gas emissions and incentivize economic and industrial growth, notes GGGI in a recent technical report. The technical report titled A Review of GGGI Members’ E-Mobility Policy Measures identifies the main barriers and policy measures for EV adoption and presents the recommendations for facilitating the electrification of transportation systems.

The report integrates the findings of case-by-case analysis of the Members’ policy frameworks. “Out of 45 GGGI Members 58% have at least one EV adoption policy in place for the electrification of the transportation sector,” Chang Sun, GGGI’s lead of the Sustainable Mobility and Transport said. “This report provides the expertise necessary for countries to develop policy measures that sustainably transform their transportation systems, expand their EV markets, and identify their strengths and vulnerabilities to achieving electrification objectives,” Ms Eileen Hur the author of the report further explained.

The report also notes GGGI’s experiences and expertise in promoting sustainable transportation among a diverse set of Members. “GGGI can provide public policy analyses of Members’ EV policy measures, as well as the macro perspective. This report acts as an initial step for the GGGI team and Members to negotiate sustainable mobility projects to fit their needs,” Ms. Eileen added. Along with its 2030 strategy, GGGI will focus on developing e-Mobility business solutions to make investment-ready projects that will support the sustainable development of urban centers that highly depend on viable electric mobility solutions.

The full report can be downloaded at