GGGI President & Chair, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, delivers closing remarks at Paris Peace Forum 2021

November 13, 2021 – GGGI President & Chair, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, delivered the closing remarks in a video message at the Paris Peace Forum 2021. The event focused on how COP26 changes the landscape and what should be done in the coming years to achieve climate objectives.

During his remarks, Mr. Ban warned that, “we are on track to reach a warming of 2.7 degrees Celsius, which would be a grave catastrophe. The impacts of the climate crisis have been readily visible in record heat waves, forest fires, droughts, and much more.”

Also in his message, Mr. Ban shared his perspective on COP26, including instances of progress and the challenges that lie ahead.

“Big promises were made, but we must now deliver action, climate action to accelerate renewable energy adoption, slow down and end the sale of internal combustion engine cars, and rehabilitate ecosystems,” shared Mr. Ban.

Mr. Ban highlighted the need for climate finance above 100 billion USD per year and to push for climate solutions while ending current bad practices, such as fossil fuel subsidies and the use of coal, in order to achieve real progress.

“Let us prove the doubters wrong and show that the glass is half-full, that together we can achieve a world that is sustainable and just for all. Let us keep 1.5 degrees alive,” emphasized Mr. Ban.

Watch the full video here.