GGGI Partner Vestas launches Wind for Prosperity in collaboration with Masdar

Unique business innovation to bring affordable electricity to energy-poor, wind-rich rural communities

“Many of the world’s most underserved citizens rely primarily on diesel generators for what power they have, which is expensive and polluting.  Wind for Prosperity uses Vestas’ unique weather data processing capabilities to identify energy-poor but wind-rich areas where Vestas’ wind hybrid solutions can power social and economic growth,”says Morten Albæk, Vestas Group Senior Vice President and CMO.

Wind for Prosperity is an innovative, commercially-based business model to bring affordable and reliable electricity to rural populations that currently lack it.  Anchored on wind power technology, Wind for Prosperity creates an opportunity for business, government, and financial institutions to combine their talents to improve people’s lives and generate risk-adjusted returns for private investors.

Adds Albæk, As one of the biggest corporate initiatives to combat energy poverty and deploy green technology in developing countries, Wind for Prosperity is a triple-win – generating growth, reducing pollution, and doing both profitably.”

• Lars Løkke Rasmussen, Chairman of Global Green Growth Institute and former Prime Minister of Denmark

“The Wind for Prosperity initiative is fully in line with GGGI’s focus on promoting green growth in emerging and developing economies and in recognising the key role of the private sector in this endeavor.  It’s an example of the public-private partnerships that we believe will help accelerate environmentally and economically sustainable growth.”

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