GGGI participates in Korea International Water Week

Daegu, Korea – September 13, 2018

On September 13, GGGI’s Water and Sanitation team participated in Korea International Water Week 2018 and co-hosted a session on “Bringing Green Transition to Water: Boosting Water Reuse and Recycling” jointly with Korea Water Resources Corporation (K-water).

This session provided an overview of the water reuse, within the context of green growth. Together with international organizations, government water authority, the private sector, and financier, this session discussed existing challenges to develop water reuse projects and innovative solutions to promote enabling environment based on policy interventions, technical solutions, and innovative financing.

GGGI’s Global Water Sector Lead, Peter Vos delivered a presentation on importance of water for green growth, wastewater as an untapped resource to mitigate water supply-demand gap, and enabling environment to promote water reuse and circular economy, followed by presentations from Korea Water Resources Corporation (K-Water), Seoul National University, and Government of Morocco about K-Water’s wastewater reuse project experiences in Asian developing countries, Seoul National University’s rainwater harvesting project experiences in developing countries, and Government of Morocco’s wastewater management and reuse strategy and policy, respectively.

Mr. Vos was also invited to the Water Leader’s Round Table composed of water department representatives from international organizations / associations including the World Bank, Asia Development Bank, UNESCO, Global Water Partnership, World Water Council and International Water Resources Association, as well as from various governments including Korea, Netherlands, Senegal, Cambodia, Laos, Morocco, and UAE. Invited guests exchanged their experiences and insights to promote partnership for sustainable development in the water sector. In this session, Mr. Vos explained GGGI’s water sector activities and focus areas, as well as the importance of sustainable governance structure, inclusive service provision that is pro-poor and gender-balanced, and a sustainable service and business model.

The Korea International Water Week 2018 was hosted by the Ministry of Environment of Korea and K-Water to discuss water sector challenges and promote global partnership for sustainable development.