GGGI Pacific Co-Sponsors Business Breakfast on Green and Resilient Businesses

On March 13, GGGI, in coordination with the Pacific Islands Private Sector Organisation (PIPSO) and the Fiji Business Disaster Resilience Council (FBDRC) hosted a private sector breakfast in Suva, Fiji, which focused on green, resilient business in the Pacific, and on identifying barriers that prevent companies from fully implementing green business practices.  The breakfast was held alongside the NDC Dialogue taking place the same week in Suva, Fiji, and its results served as an input to the consultations on the newly created NDC Pacific Hub.

Over 40 representatives from the private sector were in attendance, as well representatives from Pacific island governments and development partners.  Three businesses from Fiji gave presentations on their sustainability initiatives, ranging from use of biodegradable food packaging materials, to creation of marine protected areas and use of solar power.   Participants agreed that implementing green solutions often cost more than doing business as usual, but that the private sector has a responsibility to future generations to take the lead in this area if they are able.  They also expressed a desire for governments to implement policies to encourage investment in green solutions, such as tax incentives. Regarding the NDC Pacific Hub, participants voiced a need for more information on technology options and their advantages and disadvantages, as well as information on costs and return on investment that they can expect.

Announced at COP23 in Bonn, the NDC Pacific Hub will provide technical expertise to Pacific Island Countries on reducing carbon emissions and adapting to climate change, and is part of the global NDC Partnership—a coalition of countries and institutions dedicated to strengthening collaboration among nations to implement NDCs (Nationally Determined Contributions) under the Paris Climate Agreement.  GGGI, along with GIZ, Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Program (SPREP), and the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC), are partners in setting up and implementing the Hub, which will take shape over the coming months.  GGGI plans to continue to work with the Hub partners and other stakeholders to ensure that the private sector concerns and inputs continue to be taken into account as Pacific countries put plans in place to reach their NDC goals.