GGGI launches multimedia knowledge sharing platform to highlight Pacific SIDS transition to renewable energy

SEOUL – October 15, 2019 – The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) today launched a new platform, Powering Pacific Green Growth, to share knowledge and raise visibility about the steps and successes countries in the Pacific region are making to achieve Paris Agreement commitments and SDGs through the application and scale-up of clean, sustainable energy sources. The launch comes ahead of the GGGI’s international conference, Global Green Growth Week: Unlocking Renewable Energy Potential.

Pacific SIDS emit a very small amount of greenhouse gases yet are some of the countries hardest hit by the impacts of climate change, with rising sea levels and more frequent severe weather events threatening low-lying coastal communities, agricultural lands, and infrastructure. Severe weather and floods compound many Pacific countries’ challenge to access reliable, clean, and affordable energy by damaging grid infrastructure and rural electricity mini and micro-grids.

Nevertheless, Pacific Island countries consistently demonstrate leadership in combating climate change and encouraging world leaders to accelerate climate action and increase availability of technical and financial support for adaptation and mitigate efforts.

Access to renewable energy in Pacific SIDS will support sustainable development and green growth that includes businesses, individuals and communities in activities that foster socio-economic development and increase their living standards.

The Power Powering Pacific Green Growth platform showcases the leadership the region is taking to combat climate change, the efforts of Pacific leaders to engage regional and international development partners to reduce emissions and adapt to climate change impact, and the progress being made to leverage renewables to achieve climate resilient, inclusive green growth in Pacific Island countries.

“Pacific Island countries are committed to transition toward renewable energy to address climate change and their own national energy security, and sustainably grow low-carbon economies,” said Katerina Syngellakis, GGGI’s Pacific Regional Representative. “This new platform shares the renewable energy successes that Pacific Island countries are achieving in partnership with dedicated regional and international stakeholders. There is a still a lot more to come from Pacific island countries in this space with more ambitious targets being announced by their leaders”.

The multimedia Power Powering Pacific Green Growth platform utilizes blogs, video, interactive graphs, infographics, and links to published reports to tell the story of how countries such as Fiji, Kiribati, Papua New Guinea, Tonga and Vanuatu are designing, financing and implementing renewable energy policies and projects that are increasing access to electricity, strengthening energy security and achieving NDC targets.

GGGI’s Global Green Growth Week is being held alongside Korea’s International Renewable Energy Conference from October 21-15.

GGGI consists of 33 Member countries and partners with governments and regional and international stakeholders to support green growth in the 14 Pacific island countries and globally.

Visit the Powering Pacific Green Growth platform here:

About the Global Green Growth Week 2019 (#GGGW2019)

The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) is hosting the Global Green Growth Week 2019 (GGGW2019) during October 21-25 in Seoul, in cooperation with LG Chemical, REN21, the Korea International Renewable Energy Conference (KIREC 2019), the Green Growth Knowledge Platform (GGKP), the Incheon Global Campus, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea, and AMCHAM Korea.

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