GGGI-KOICA embark on capacity development training for agriculture value chain stakeholders in Oriental Mindoro

25 June 2021, Oriental Mindoro

GGGI and KOICA kicked-off on 1 June 2021 the first in a series of capacity development activities on climate-resilient, inclusive, and green agriculture value chain. for agri-cooperatives and local government officials in Oriental Mindoro.

The phase 1 onsite pieces of training are scheduled to be held in the municipalities of Victoria, Naujan, Bulalacao, Gloria, and San Teodoro, hosting the five smallholder farmer-based cooperatives which will receive investments and technical assistance from the project in June and July 2021.

The capacity-building activities cover modules on marketing, financial recording, packaging and storage, hazard analysis, traceability, quality control, green entrepreneurship, and climate-resilient agriculture, among others.

“We believe that the locally customized approach designed by GGGI, in cooperation with KOICA, will encourage the participation of stakeholders in our multi-year project. The training will teach practical skills that are useful in addressing everyday issues on agriculture and climate change”, said Mr. Jaesang Hwang, Country Director of KOICA Philippines. The training activities are delivered through virtual and in-person modalities, in compliance with pandemic protocols to ensure the health and safety of participants.  The succeeding training will be conducted from July to August 2021 in 10 more municipalities in Oriental Mindoro.

For more information about the GGGI-KOICA project, please click here.

Map of Oriental Mindoro

The municipalities hosting the five farmer-based agri-cooperatives include Victoria, Gloria, Naujan, Bulalacao, and San Teodoro. Capacity development activities will be conducted in all municipalities in Oriental Mindoro.


Group of training participants listening to a lecture.

Members of PARIC, a women farmer-based agri-cooperative whose main products are made from calamansi, and local government officials in the Municipality of Victoria attending Climate Change 101 Training.


Group of participants having a discussion

GGGI Senior Provincial Technical Officer Pepe Nebril facilitates the break-out session discussions on green agriculture value chain with SAMASABALATASAN members.

Woman working in the kitchen during the hands-on training.

Hands-on activities on good manufacturing processes for commodities made from seaweeds were also provided to SAMASABALATASAN participants during the training.


Group of training participants listening to a lecture.

Agribiz Training with SAMASABALATASAN in their processing facility for seaweed products in the Municipality of Bulalacao. The processing facilities of the agri-cooperatives will also be upgraded through the project to meet the compliance standards of regulatory agencies.