GGGI holds virtual meeting with Management and Program Sub-Committee members

Seoul, Republic of Korea, June 17, 2021 – Today, GGGI held its Thirteenth Meeting of the Management and Program Sub-Committee (MPSC13) virtually, which was chaired by Mr. Tong-q Lee, Director General of Climate Change, Energy, Environment and Scientific Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Korea.

The virtual meeting was attended by MPSC Members of Cote d’Ivoire, Republic of Korea, Paraguay, United Kingdom, Mr. Ariyaratne Hewage and Mr. Boonam Shin (Non-State Actor Members of the Council), as well as Audit Contact Point Norway, and observers from Cambodia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Hungary, and Peru.

MPSC13 was preceded by a week of e-consultations on June 7-11, 2021, aimed at soliciting inputs and comments from MPSC Members and allowing fruitful discussions on the key agenda items: Director-General’s Progress Report, Results Report 2020, Overview of Work Program 2021, Strategy 2015-2020 Review, Regional Strategies, Update on NDCs, LTS and Green New Deal, Update on the use of Multi-Donor Trust Funds in GGGI, Accountability and Safeguards, Update on Membership, Accession and Country Programming, Revisions to MPSC Terms of Reference, Upcoming Elections of the Council for 2022-2023, and Update on the 10th Assembly and 14th Council Joint Session.

In connection with the e-consultations, the virtual meeting included presentations and discussions on 2020 Financial Results, 2021 Operational Budget, Strategy 2030 Addendum, and Review of GGGI’s Green Investment Mobilization Efforts, where Members actively engaged in discussions and provided advice to GGGI on its future directions. MPSC Members commended GGGI for its hard work in assisting Members in their green transformation, and also for its efforts on greening the COVID recovery of its Members and partners.

Members took note that the Tenth Session of the Assembly and Fourteenth Session of the Council (Joint Session) will take place as a hybrid meeting on October 28, 2021 in Seoul, Korea. A week-long consultations prior to the Joint Session are scheduled to be held on October 11-22, 2021.