GGGI holds its Management and Program Sub-Committee meeting in Seoul

Seoul, May 1-2 – GGGI held its Ninth Meeting of the Management and Program Sub-Committee (MPSC) at the Institute’s Seoul headquarters between May 1 and 2, attended by participants from Australia, Republic of Korea, Norway, Paraguay, Rwanda and Senegal, as well as observers from its Member countries, including Costa Rica, Denmark, Fiji, Hungary, Papua New Guinea and the United Kingdom. In addition, representatives of France and Japan took part in the MPSC meeting as non-member country observers. The two-day meeting was chaired by Ms. Jennifer Gregory, Assistant Director of the Multilateral Development and Finance Division, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Australia.

GGGI presented the highlight results achieved by the Institute in 2018 and gave an overview of the project pipeline and portfolio in 2019, updating the participants on membership, accession and country programming, findings and lessons learned from recent evaluations. Among the agenda items included management and operational issues. Furthermore, there was a consultation session on the GGGI 2030 Strategy, where Members were given an opportunity to actively engaged in and contribute to the organization’s strategy development process.

MPSC also took note that GGGI’s Tenth Meeting of the MPSC will be held in July 2019 and the Eighth Session of the Assembly and Twelfth Session of the Council will take place on October 24, 2019 in Seoul, in conjunction with the Global Green Growth Week 2019 (GGGWeek2019) and the 8th International Renewable Conference Seoul 2019 (KIREC Seoul 2019).