GGGI holds its 16th Meeting of the Management and Program Sub-Committee

GGGI held its 16th Meeting of the Management and Program Sub-Committee (MPSC16) on April 27, 2023, co-chaired by Côte d’Ivoire and the Republic of Korea. The meeting was preceded by the week-long E-Consultations (April 17-24), during which Member States provided feedback on GGGI’s progress in the past year and shared advice on the organization’s development.

At the Hybrid Meeting on April 27, delegates congratulated GGGI for its outstanding results in 2022 despite the global challenges of rising energy prices, post-COVID situation, and continued war in Ukraine. Of the many achievements, some that were highlighted include the mobilization of USD 1.4 billion in green investments, creation of 70,000 green jobs, and 600,000 hectares of protected or reforested forests. The MPSC further commended GGGI for its ambitious work program in 2023. Furthermore, the MPSC reviewed GGGI’s 2022 financial results and operational budget for 2023 and agreed to recommend to the Council the approval of the organization’s 2022 Audited Financial Statements.

Co-Chairs of the MPSC expressed hope that the discussions and suggestions made today will guide the GGGI Secretariat to work more effectively in assisting its Member States and Partners in their path of green growth and sustainable development. The MPSC Members agreed to meet again in its 17th Meeting on June 29, 2023, preceded by the E-Consultations on June 19-26, 2023.

Members of the MPSC in 2022 are the Côte d’Ivoire, Republic of Korea and Norway. The MPSC advises the Council in carrying out its responsibilities to oversee GGGI’s financial reporting and audit, programmatic activities, partnerships and global outreach, and internal oversight. The MPSC also plays a role of facilitating matters that require coordination between the Council and the Secretariat in between the annual sessions of the Council. For more details on the terms of reference of the MPSC, please refer to LINK.