GGGI Holds Assembly and Council Joint Session at its Headquarters in Seoul

Seoul, Republic of Korea, October 31 – The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) convened the Seventh Session of its Assembly and Eleventh Session of its Council on October 31 at its headquarters in Seoul, Republic of Korea. The joint session was chaired by GGGI’s President of the Assembly and Chair of its Council, Mr. Ban Ki-moon and attended by more than 75 delegates, representing 25 Member countries and 12 observer countries.

High-ranking officials, including Ministers of Environment from the UAE, Kiribati and Burkina Faso; Vice Ministers from Norway and Lao PDR; Deputy Ministers of Indonesia and the Republic of Korea as well as Ambassadors and senior representatives participated in the annual gathering.

The joint session of GGGI’s Assembly and the Council provides a platform to facilitate south-south-north learning and knowledge sharing among GGGI Member countries in various areas related to green growth and the impact of GGGI in-country programs. Some of this year’s key agenda items which were discussed include: the progress that GGGI’s Member countries have made in transitioning toward green growth models of development, led by the Director-General’s Progress Report. The Report also included an overview of GGGI’s performance over the Institute’s past biennium, the evolution of service offerings to support Member countries to access climate finance for project development and efforts to deliver more for less.

A presentation was made on the Institute’s work on developing bankable projects, risk reduction instruments and national financing vehicles, focusing on results achieved to date, challenges faced, lessons learned and opportunities and risks going forward. High-level discussions took place on the development of the Institute’s future 10-year strategy which will succeed the current 2015-2020 strategic plan.

A presentation was also delivered to outline the progress made in the development of GGGI’s flagship knowledge sharing tool, the Green Growth Potential Measurement Index, which will be supported by the State of Green Growth Campaign in 2019.

An agreement to pursue the hosting of GGGWeek2019 together with the International Renewable Energy Conference in Seoul in October 2019.

During the discussions, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom both announced continued financial support for the Institute. The UAE agreed to contribute USD 1.5 million per year for three years and the United Kingdom announced a further GBP 4 million to the Institute’s core funding.

Tonga and Burkina Faso became the newest Members of GGGI.

Also on October 31, an event was held to celebrate the launch of the Greenpreneurs program, awarding 4 finalists with an opportunity to present their business ideas to the delegates as well as a prize of USD 5,000 and acknowledge the Coalition for Our Common Future (COCF)’s Climate Scouts, who are student Ambassadors promoting green growth and sustainable development.

The Sixth Session of the Assembly and Tenth Session of the Council was held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in October 2017.