GGGI Director-General Frank Rijsberman interview with TBS radio

SEOUL, Republic of Korea; December 1, 2021 – GGGI Director-General, Dr. Frank Rijsberman, participated in an interview with TBS radio to provide an analysis on future green policies for the next Korean government.

During the interview, Dr. Rijsberman emphasized the dangers of air pollution sharing that more people are killed by fine dust than by the pandemic, particularly in Asia. “The good news is that all the efforts that go into climate change are also very helpful for fine dust. At COP26 the focus was on solving the climate crisis and if we’re able to make progress there, it will also help with fine dust.”

Dr. Rijsberman also highlighted a few green growth policies for South Korea including renewable energy, energy efficient buildings, electric vehicles, and fuel cell cars, as well as exporting technologies to help other countries take the same green route.

Moreover, Dr. Rijsberman shared his insight on the lack of an environmental agenda mentioned during the Korean presidential election, sharing, “It’s true that the presidential candidates don’t express a lot of priority for it … but, President Moon wasn’t elected on the Climate agenda either and he turned to this because he saw the need and because many other countries keep telling Korea the country needs to step up.”

“Regardless of which president will be elected, all of them will feel the pressure and will get to know how urgent climate change is,” added Dr. Rijsberman.

Listen to the full interview here.