GGGI continues to create and strenghten capacities for the structuring of public investment projects in Colombia

Bogotá, January 15, 2021. More than 40 civil servants and officials belonging to public, territorial, and national entities, private organizations and unions from the environmental sector are now certified in the GGGI-structured and Norwegian-financed course: “Good practices in project formulation and the General Royalties System (SGR)”. The virtual course was designed to create and strengthen capacities for the structuring of public investment projects, targeting those that address environmental and sustainable development issues at the subnational level.

The course was structured into 4 modules and took place over 11 online sessions, addressing different components of the Adjusted General Methodology (MGA), such as: problem identification, drafting indicators, stakeholder analysis, value chain construction, budget, risk analysis, among others. Building the capacities in these technical and methodological elements will allow officials to effectively manage resources before the SGR that contribute to fulfilling the goals outlined in Departmental Development Plans (PDD).

Participants of the course gave excellent feedback, highlighting that the content and methodology allowed them to improve their knowledge and obtain tools to perform better in their roles.

The need to receive training on the subject arose from a reform to the SGR, approved in 2020 by the Congress of the Republic, which increased resources going to environmental protection and establishes that for this year, territorial entities will be able to expedite investments by making feasible, prioritizing, and directly approving the resources of their direct allocations.

By having their skills strengthened on the structuring and reviewal of projects, officials are expected to take advantage of the benefits that the reform can bring and attract public investment to the environmental sector.

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