GGGI at the 74th UNGA and Climate Week NYC

NEW YORK, United States of America; September 30, 2019

During the 74th UNGA and Climate Week in New York City, GGGI Director-General, Frank Rijsberman offers his thoughts on the progress on the UNGA, how inclusive green growth is the only way to transition to a safe and sustainable future, and the key work of GGGI and its members.

“I think many leaders beginning with the UN Secretary General made it very clear that the time to act is now; we have only a few years left,” he shares. “We think the green economy, the green growth approach is really the only way to transition in a safe way for future generations”.

Regarding GGGI’s work in climate action, he explains “We help governments come up with projects that can attract green and climate finance, both from concessional finance or development aid and from the private sector, so we do two things, green policies and planning and then implementing projects through green and climate finance”.

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