Fiji, GGGI and UN organization workshop on the Electrification of the Transport Sector

On 06 August, 2019, the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) in partnership with the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport (MoIT) held the 2nd Stakeholder Workshop on the Electrification of the Transport Sector: Data Audits and Strategies and the Potential for Electric Vehicles in Suva, Fiji. The project is funded by the UNESCAP and implemented in partnership with GGGI and MoIT.

The project’s main target is to focus on implementation of transport projects with evidence – based policies for sustainable use of energy resources. In particular, this project conducts a data audit and data management assessment to electrify Fiji’s transport sector and identifies the requirements for electric vehicles in Viti Levu island which houses over 80% of Fiji’s population.

At the workshop, the Consultants for the project; namely Dr. George Wilkenfeld (Energy and Transport Data Audit) and Mr. Oliver Broughton (Electric Vehicle Study) consolidated their findings and analysis for the project accordingly. The workshop focused on mapping out a strategy for acquiring and managing data needed to electrify the transport sector including the electricity infrastructure needs for Viti Levu, Fiji’s main island to support adoption of electric vehicles.

In delivering his opening remarks, Mr. Sanjesh Naidu, Economic Adviser for the UNESCAP mentioned the importance of evidence – based partnerships in the transport sector to reduce national dependency on imported fuels. This would also enable incorporation of appropriate low carbon planning and policies for the transport sector including the adoption of electric vehicles into the future. ‘It is also critical that key stakeholders’ opinions are taken into consideration while exploring these prospects to ensure that necessary tools and steps are taken appropriately in a timely manner’ he said.

Participants at the workshop represented numerous stakeholders from the both the Private and Public actors of the Land and Maritime Transportation Sectors, Socio-Economic Stakeholders and Universities; Carpenters Motors, Central Transport Co. Ltd., Shreedhar Motors Ltd., Tiko Kece Taxis Ltd., Energy Fiji Ltd., Fiji Bus Operators Association Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji, Pacific Islands Development Forum, Pacific Community, GGGI, UNESCAP, Department of Energy, Ministry of Economy, MoIT, Fiji Bureau of Statistics, Fiji Roads Authority, Fiji Revenue and Customs Service, Fiji National University.