Environmental journalists network trained on GGGI contribution in the Senegal NDC

A network of environmental journalists were invited by GGGI in collaboration with the ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development for a training workshop related to the Senegal Nationally Determined Contribution. AS a part of the roadmap for the NDC implemention program under Paris agreement  carried out by the Direction of the Environment, the seminar emphasised the key role of partners media on disseminating knwoledge on crucial climate challenges. ” These capacity building sessions offer the opportunity to understand the issues at stake in the Senegalese NDC, but also to benefit from practical knowledge on the themes related to the objectives of the projects carried out by our organisation” opened ceremony chairperson M. Amadou Lamine GUISSE Secretary Genreal of the Ministry during inaugural session.

Your role as relays and your contribution to manufacturing consens. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all media professionals, voluntary activists in favour of the environment, for your daily work and invites you, through these days to reflect on a collaboration framework that aimed to promote urban and rural practices environmentally sound and to preservenatural resources,” added the GGGI Country Representative.

The work started with the NDC session shared by one of the Senegal negotiators at the COP. The session showacased the NDC background of  its implementation and the 2024 roadmap as adopted by council of ministers on december 2020. Followed by the programmatic session of GGGI made by Romain BRILLIE. The Senegal program through a series of projects were discussed throug different session. GGGI Senegal experts successively explain climate link of projects that are being implementing across the country.  Alé Badar SY our Green City expert talked about the Green cities development guidelines concepts with the luxemburg porject, Mamadou Konaté Prinicipal Concellor intervened on Naturelles Ressorces  and Foresty with the Climate Smart Agriculture project, Abdoulaye FAYE Sanitation expert  heated the sanitation and climate change session, Amadou Lamine FALL outlined challenges and pathways for a green financing. Presentations closed with the last sessions by Romain BRILLIE  who shared new projects which are still in the line with national priorities : covid recovery, accelerating investment in nature, policies approaches under article 6…

During 2 days of the fructull interactions, we conclued that it is needed a maintain this dynamic framework as it could help to achieve our national defined goals related to NDC. The journalists network aimed to take part at a working group for contributing to dissemating projects and those designated pratices to be promote in our way to generete behaviour change for a better better enironment lower at GHG emission with the amibtion to get between 15 and 2° by 2030. GGGI and he ministry will work to provide a communication and dissemination dashboard with identifed thematics defined to be popularise for the publi through spefici mass events to be organised and also develop a capacity building plan in order to help them get better knowledge related to a climate action for all.