Dr. Chanho Park meets with Paraguay’s Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs

Dr. Chanho Park, GGGI’s Head of Programs, Latin America, Caribbean and the Middle East met with Ambassador Federico González, Paraguay’s Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs to discuss areas of cooperation between GGGI and Paraguay. GGGI and Paraguay are discussing ways to collaborate in mainstreaming green growth and climate change and aligning them with Paraguay’s National Development Plan 2030.

Organized by the International Relations Department of Paraguay’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Chanho Park participated in multiple technical meetings with line ministries and met with representatives of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Environment, the Department of Planning Commission ODS Paraguay 2030. During the meetings, Dr. Chanho Park outlined GGGI’s focus on four thematic priorities: Sustainable Energy, Water and Sanitation, Sustainable Landscapes, and Green Cities and how GGGI supports countries to achieve their Nationally Determined Contributions through NDC implementation planning as well as access to climate finance for mitigation and adaptation.

A partnership between Paraguay and GGGI will play a pivotal role in expanding the role of renewable energy in the country’s energy supply mix, and thus supporting the country to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and contributing to Paraguay’s NDC under the Paris Agreement, enhancing access to water and sanitation, and waste management to achieve Sustainable Development Goals, particularly poverty reduction and inclusive economic growth.