On Friday, September 10, 2021, GGGI Côte d’Ivoire held a validation workshop on Forestry and Nature Based Solutions (NBS) policy brief as part of the project: “Empowering Local Non-State Actors and Vulnerable Communities for Climate Action and Resilience in Côte d’Ivoire”. GGGI, in partnership with Open Society for West Africa (OSWA), provide support to strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations and their influences in advocacy for the fight against climate change. The main objective of this workshop was to validate the keys findings and messages from this policy brief on forestry and NBS.

Dr Assa BOKA, consultant on the forestry and NBS sector presented his results and received comments from CSOs. This was followed by validation of the document after the inputs.

The CSO’s members gave their thoughts on payment for environmental services and raised a discussion on the carbon issue from forests and the price of carbon.

The workshop brought together 17 CSO working on forestry related issues.

These CSOs validated the policy brief on forestry and NBS. CSOs have shown great interest in this process and discussed the dissemination of these policy briefs to the different decision makers and how they can be more involved in discussions related to carbon pricing and benefit sharing for communities.

The workshop ended with closing remarks from Dr Malle FOFANA, Country Representative of GGGI, to emphasize the importance of this process for CSOs. He encouraged the CSOs to continue on this pathway and invited them to upcoming related events, including the National CSO Forum and the High-Level West African Webinar on October 21.