Closing ceremony of recycled sludge demonstration unit

As a component in our Luxemburg-funded project, the wastewater management experienced in the Tivaouane district held a closing ceremony from a demonstration unit treating sludge to become biofertilizers and biochars. The project was implemented with the municipality of Tivaouane led by our partner DELVIC that piloted the “Maison Familiale Rurale,” an active women association operating in several market gardens producing vegetables. Their dedication to deliver expected outcomes was significant as it concluded with fruitful results. The objective was to enhance the sludge valorization value chain and promote business models that are attractive for sanitation sub-products for the purpose of agricultural production, energetic and services.

Producers associations received a three months capacity-building program that includes: production technics for compost, biochars, charcoal briquettes, and biopesticides.

The closing ceremony was to present the results during a sanitation sub-products exposition day.