Climate Change and Development Authority, Australia and Global Green Growth Institute cap off Climate Resilient Green Growth assessment consultations with New Ireland Province

New Ireland Province, Papua New Guinea, October 8, 2020 – The New Ireland Provincial Administration, Papua New Guinea’s Climate Change & Development Authority (CCDA), and the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) held a consultation with provincial stakeholders on assessing climate resilience and green growth potential of the island province.

Guided by its partnership with the CCDA and GGGI that was launched in March this year, the New Ireland Province successfully completed the 2-day event abiding with the ‘New Normal’ (Tok Pisin – niupela pasin) measures on October 7-8, 2020.

The CRGG Assessment and Identification of provincial CRGG priorities is an activity under the Climate Resilient & Green Growth (CRGG) Project. For the first time, members of the provincial climate change committees were fully involved in a technical discussion on the impacts of climate change on the environment, people, and economy of the province. It attracted technical advisors in key sectors (in public, private, non-government, and community organizations) in the province to discuss the diagnostic results of CRGG assessment of New Ireland Province. This work is funded by the Papua New Guinea- Australia Partnership and is implemented by GGGI with guidance from CCDA, Department of National Planning & Monitoring (DNPM), and Department of Provincial & Local Government Affairs (DPLGA).

The specialists on CRGG from GGGI used a data-driven approach to prioritize different issues in the New Ireland Province. This workshop is a hybrid of participatory activities as well as virtual presentations delivered by GGGI Specialists. It involved inputs from the private sector and organizations involved in community-based environmental and natural resource management. This workshop ensured provincial stakeholders in New Ireland determined where the province is at on elements of socially inclusive Green Growth and Climate Resilience. Hence it assisted the province in its planning purpose and development aspiration.

Ruel Yamuna, Managing Director of CCDA in his opening remarks said:  “I am pleased that through the CRGG project, CCDA is able to connect with respective stakeholders such as the Provincial Climate Change Committee to draw climate-related information at the subnational and source project ideas that would address the impact of climate change on the environment, people and economy of the province.”

“The work of New Ireland province will undoubtedly contribute to the efforts by the Government to achieve its sustainable development goals and commitments under the Paris Agreement on climate change.”

Nige Kaupa, Senior Program Manager, Australian High Commission, said Australia is proud to be working closely with the Government of PNG and other stakeholders, to build PNG’s climate change resilience, including in the New Ireland Province.

“The Climate Resilient Green Growth (CRGG) Project is one of the many activities Australia is supporting to build resilience and promote low carbon development in PNG. The CRGG Project will also help PNG meet its SDG13 Road Map and fulfill its international commitments.”

Provincial Administrator of New Ireland, Lamiller Pawut stated that getting the balance right between climate change and economic development for the island province is key. He also added ‘This has been outlined in the New Ireland Integrated Provincial Development Plan (2012 – 2015) and I quote, “Climate change is a complex frontier issue and New Ireland’s response must be grounded by strong research and clear empowering legislative and regulative instruments to guide all stakeholders in a coordinated, holistic and integrated manner” which is what we are doing today at the workshop.

“This workshop shows us how our province can take steps to address climate resilience and green growth into development projects in the province. In the space of 12 months, the New Ireland Province is experiencing growth in its public infrastructure – first is the groundbreaking of the solar farm project, then with the launch of plans to redevelop the Kavieng airport and most recently the grand opening of the provincial house of assembly – which is in fact by far the best looking provincial house of assembly you can find any-where in PNG,” Mr. Lamiller said.

“Climate Resilient Green Growth stakeholder consultations are critical steps for this project. We look forward to delivering a comprehensive assessment for the province. We are also keen to work with the Province to plan CRGG responses that are socially inclusive as well as deliver those projects with leveraged finance”.  said Dr. Achala Abeysinghe, GGGI Country Representative in PNG.

The CRGG assessments and selecting of CRGG priorities undertaken by the New Ireland Province over these 2 days caps off GGGI’s systematic process of consultation with Provincial Climate Change Committees in 3 provinces to create a climate-resilient and socially inclusive green growth pathway for the environment, people, and the economy of the 3 provinces.

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Local GGGI communications contact
Dr. Achala Abeysinghe, Country Representative, Papua New Guinea