Child-friendly, inclusive, and green lifestyle videos produced by the GGGI Mongolia team are being used at Ecology training sessions

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, – March 15, 2018 – The Ulaanbaatar City Environment Office together with the City Educational Office started a project to deliver ecology education for students of secondary schools today. The project was financed by UNICEF.

An opening ceremony of the project and the first of the series of trainings were organized at a secondary school on March 15.

Mr. Batbayasgalan. J, Vice Governor of Ulaanbaatar City delivered his opening speech.

Ecological issues, especially air, groundwater and soil pollution, are the priority problems that need to be solved. The training sessions will help to deliver detailed understanding on side effects of air, water and soil pollution for human health and possible prevention.

The aim of the training sessions is to provide ecology education for secondary school students in the Ger district areas.

The Ulaanbaatar City Environment Office and the City Educational Office have decided to play 12 short videos developed by the GGGI Mongolia team, promoting Mongolia’s inclusive, child-friendly and green lifestyle during the Ecology training. The videos were well-received by students.

The aim is to conduct a series of trainings, covering more that 12,000 students in 20 secondary schools. The first training session started at four secondary schools in the Bayangol district.