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News • December 9, 2021

Rwanda- African Mobility Month Winner for the “Kinamba Junction Design Competition”

In Kigali, Rwanda the Global Green growth Institute in Rwanda is happy to announce the winner of the African Mobility Month 2021 design competition. Mr MIZERO Jules is Masters student at the University of Rwanda , completing his  Msc in Highway Engineering & Management. Jules design will soon be on display in City of Kigali […]

News • December 2, 2021

GGGI Director-General Frank Rijsberman interview with TBS radio

SEOUL, Republic of Korea; December 1, 2021 – GGGI Director-General, Dr. Frank Rijsberman, participated in an interview with TBS radio to provide an analysis on future green policies for the next Korean government. During the interview, Dr. Rijsberman emphasized the dangers of air pollution sharing that more people are killed by fine dust than by […]

News • November 19, 2021

Arirang TV Interview with GGGI Director-General Frank Rijsberman

SEOUL, Republic of Korea; November 18, 2021 – Following the end of COP26 in Glasgow, GGGI Director-General, Dr. Frank Rijsberman, participated in an interview with Arirang TV to discuss his perspective on the finale of COP 26 and the road to carbon neutrality. “It was disappointing that ‘phase out’ became ‘phase down’ which is obviously […]

News • November 16, 2021

Zooming Ahead in Sustainable Economic Growth – Digitally

By Tanja Leimgruber – Programme lead, Digital Transformation for Green Growth, Global Green Growth Institute in Vietnam Over the past three decades, Vietnam’s socioeconomic growth has been a remarkable success story. However, rapid economic development and industrialization has come at a cost. Energy consumption has tripled over the past decade, making Vietnam one of the […]

News • November 16, 2021

Uganda at COP26: Uganda’s Approach at Greening the Economy

Uganda at COP26: Uganda’s Approach at Greening the Economy Despite all the ongoing debates and negotiations, the question that lingers in many peoples’ minds is: “What do all these discussions and agreements mean to the ordinary citizen who is struggling to cope with the changing weather, seasons, losses and damages to their crops, death of […]

News • October 23, 2021

[Live ABS-CBN News Interview] Philippines on the Right Track in Green Initiatives but Question on Execution

On 27 September 2021 Manila, Philippines. Juhern Kim, GGGI Country Representative, spoke on live in the ABS-CBN News ANC 24/7 – premiere business news media in the Philippines. He was invited to speak about the country’s current actions in green initiative, in line with the upcoming 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) […]

News • August 2, 2021

Interview: Green Growth in Uganda