Capacity Building of Burkina Faso MRV actors on the SPSS software for GHGI data analysis

The Global Green Growth Institute, in collaboration with the General Directorate of Green economy and climate change of Burkina Faso, organized a training workshop on the SPSS software for national actors involved in MRV system from 25th to 29th April 2022. SPSS is a fundamental tool for statistical analysis of quantitative and qualitative data throughout the development process of national greenhouse gas inventories.

27 participants took part in the training, which aimed at increasing their knowledge on the SPSS software. These national actors are involved in data collection, processing and analysis for national greenhouse gas inventories. The SPSS software is a powerful tool mostly used by statisticians to generate datasets, process and analyze data for various reporting needs.

More specifically the training allowed each participant to (i) understand how the SPSS software environment works, (ii) create, edit and manipulate data with SPSS, (iii) perform invariant analyses, including data reconciliation, imputation of missing values and addressing inconsistencies, (iv) Perform bivariate analyses between two quantitative variables on the one hand and two qualitative variables on the other hand using the T and Chi-square tests;(v) make comparison tests of means, etc.

The Director General of the Green economy and climate change Mr. Pamoussa Ouedraogo, emphasized on the importance of this training for the analysis of data He encouraged participants to have as many exchanges as possible, especially between each department, because the sharing of interdepartmental knowledge would be beneficial for all.