Can modern bio-economy strengthen the climate agreement and energy security?

SEOUL, Apr 18 2018 (GGGI) – Dr. Frank Rijsberman, GGGI Director-General, will deliver a keynote presentation on Strengthening the Climate Agreement and Energy Security at the Global Bioeconomy Summit 2018 on April 20 in Berlin, Germany.

During his presentation, Dr. Rijsberman will delve into the relationship between bioeconomy and climate change, and how agri-food systems are the primary driver of climate, water, soil and bio-geo-chemical cycles.

He will highlight some of the challenges and opportunities of bioeconomy related energy and climate, pointing to the fact that the world urgently needs to pay greater attention to increasing bioeconomy policy and research interest to address and tackle sustainability issues.

The 2018 Global Bioeconomy Summit is expected to come up with a set of recommendations for national governments, regional bodies and international organizations to focus their national policies and technical, scientific and financial bioeconomy related cooperation activities.

Can modern bio-economy strengthen the climate agreement and energy security? The findings suggest that bioeconomy, climate change and energy security are interlinked and there have been many proposed solutions; however, progress is far from sufficient to limit CC to 2 degrees, let alone 1.5.

Under the theme Innovation, Growth, and Sustainable Development, the Summit will explore how bioeconomy can contribute to mitigating the impacts of climate change and transition to a low carbon economy.

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