Cambodia adopts 2013-2030 green growth plan

Cambodia on March 1 approved a national policy and strategic plan for green growth in the 2013-2030 period, aiming at developing the economy with consideration for environment and natural resources sustainability.

They were adopted during a weekly cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Hun Sen.

The national policy targets a balance between economic development and environmental protection, culture preservation, social stability and sustainable consumption of natural resources to improve people’s living conditions and welfare, said the press release after the meeting.

Meanwhile, the 2013-2030 green growth plan aims at developing a green economy by the effective use of natural resources, environmental sustainability, green jobs, green technologies, green finance, green credit, and green investment.

Earlier, Cambodia had already adopted several legal instruments to promote the green growth, including the roadmap for green growth, the memorandum of understanding on green growth cooperation between Cambodia and the Republic of Korea’s Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) and the establishment of the National Council of Green Growth.-VNA

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