Burkina Faso’s capacity development workshop to mainstream Green Growth in the new National Development Plan

Koubri, March 1 – 5, 2021 –  The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) organized a capacity development workshop to mainstream Green Growth in Burkina Faso’s new National Development Plan – NDP (2021-2025). This will contribute to the alignment of the NDP’s objectives and monitoring-evaluation system with sustainable development and green growth objectives.

The session was conducted concomitantly with the strategic environmental assessment process of the new NDP to ensure Green Growth mainstreaming in the policy document, as well as Measuring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) in its monitoring and evaluation mechanism.

The beneficiaries were the members of the NDP development team and four presentations were given:

  • the potential impacts and specific risks associated with the implementation of NDP, by Delwende Nabayaogo, local GGGI expert in charge of the Strategic environmental assessment,
  • the Green Growth Index, by Lilibeth Acosta-Michlik (GGGI-Specialist of GGPM) and Simon Antoine Jules Zabrocki,
  • the Case Studies from Ethiopia and Viet Nam. By Adam Ward (GGGI-Principal Program Integration Advisor)
  • the MRV system, by Placid Somé, engineer – statistician economist at the National Institute of Statistics and Demography.

The workshop allowed participants to:

  • present the potential impacts related to the different development sectors and associated actions,
  • discuss the potential impacts and specific risks associated with the implementation of the new Plan,
  • explain the concepts of sustainable development, green growth and MRV,
  • present variants in the elaboration of the national development Plan,
  • present environmental objectives in relation to the Sustainable Development and Green Growth Objectives,
  • present Sustainable Development and Green Growth indicators by business sector,
  • discuss the approach to integrating Sustainability and green growth objectives into the new Plan,
  • discuss key indicators for monitoring these objectives, as well as the integration of MRV into the monitoring and evaluation mechanism of the NDP,
  • integrate sustainability and green growth issues, as well as the MRV System into the National Development Plan (2021-2025).

The workshop provided the elements for the integration of environmental concerns and MRV in the new Plan from a sustainability perspective while recalling the legal provisions for environmental management of the implementation of the Plan.

The GoBF expressed its satisfaction on the workshop organization and the strategic environmental assessment process. It requested the GGGI’s support to mobilize financial resources to implement the NDP when it will be adopted.

The next steps will be focused on:

  • the finalization of the strategic environmental assessment report and;
  • the continuation of GGGI’s support to mainstream Green Growth in the NDP final version.