Building National Capacity in Climate Project Preparation and Management in Burkina Faso

Ouagadougou, 15 September 2020, The Global Green Growth Institute Burkina Faso Country Office, in partnership with the Green Climate Fund Executive Secretariat in Burkina Faso hosted, in the framework of the Readiness Program ‘Support for Accreditation of Direct Access Entities, Pipeline Development and Private Sector Mobilization in Burkina Faso, two workshops aiming at strengthening national capacity in climate project preparation and management.

The first workshop was held from the 10th to 11th September 2020. The second workshop took place from the 15th to the 16th September. The two workshops brought together delegates from government departments and public entities as well as other key stakeholders including the private sector, especially local commercial banks and Non-Governmental Organizations in Burkina Faso. In total 65 participants attended the two training workshops.

Kicking-off the workshop on the 10th September, Mr. Issaka Ouedraogo, National Designated Authority of the Green Climate Fund at the Prime Minister Executive Secretariat in Burkina Faso, welcomed the participants and stressed how important building national capacities in climate project preparation and management is critical in enabling key stakeholders in Burkina Faso to access climate finance, especially the GCF resources.

The opening speech of the second workshop on the 15th September was delivered by Madam Yvonne Rouamba Guigma, General Secretary of the Prime Ministry representing the Prime Minister of Burkina Faso.  The Secretary General addressed the participants by providing the context of Burkina Faso commitment to the Paris Agreement. She then stressed the key objective of the capacity building workshop as well as how building national capacity in climate project preparation and management will help Burkina Faso public and private institutions and other key stakeholders to access GCF and other Climate Fund resources. The Secretary General in her concluding remarks thanked GGGI for its tremendous contribution and continued support to Burkina Faso climate commitments.

Dr. Malle Fofana, GGGI Country Representative in Burkina Faso, in his remarks, made a brief introduction on the Paris Agreement and how the Global Green Growth Institute is supporting developing countries, including Burkina Faso, to develop a low-carbon economy. He then praised the partnership between the Government of Burkina Faso and GGGI and reiterated GGGI commitment to supporting Burkina Faso through the current Readiness Programme and other GGGI’s initiatives including the revision of the National Determined Contribution.

The following modules were then presented and discussed during the first day of the workshop:

  1. Burkina Faso Climate Priorities especially the National Determined Contribution and the National Adaptation Plan;
  2. GCF Investment Criteria and Impact Areas;
  3.  Theory of Change and Logical Framework Analysis;
  4. Environmental and Social Standards and Frameworks;
  5. Climate Finance;
  6. Economic and Financial Consideration;
  7. Climate Project Monitoring & Evaluation;
  8. Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV); and
  9. Climate Projects Risk Management.

In addition to the presentation of the above modules, key sections of the newly published GCF Programming Manual were introduced to the participants during the second day of the workshop. This session started with an overview of the development of climate projects in the context of Burkina Faso. In this regard, Burkina Faso GCF Country Programme was presented. The GCF Project Cycle was then introduced followed by a presentation on GCF specific project preparation requirements.  Challenges, lessons learnt and best practices in preparing and managing GCF Projects were then discussed by a panel involving international accredited entities, the NDA and GGGI.

Closing remark of the workshop was delivered by the National Designated Authority who thanked all participants and GGGI for their contribution to the success of the workshops.