Bloomberg Interview with GGGI Director-General Howard Bamsey

Howard Bamsey, director-general of the Global Green Growth Institute, an international organization headquartered in Seoul, comments on clean energy investments and Warsaw climate talks in an interview Nov. 20.

Bamsey was in charge of negotiations over a successor to the Kyoto Protocol from 2006 through 2007, and is a former Australian special envoy on climate change.

On investment in clean energy:

“When it comes, the change will happen with a rush. If investors get the future wrong, many of their assets will be stranded. If you’re a one of the leaders in your economy, you must be hedging your bets.”

“If we can show that you can make money by investing in green growth, that will contribute to a change in direction of investment. The whole story is about changing the direction of investment.”

“Responding vigorously to climate change can be a pathway to prosperity; it won’t be so for all countries in all circumstances, but for some, if they choose investment strategies wisely, sustainable development can be an accelerator in lifting people out of poverty.”

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