Basel and Stockholm Convention Regional Center signs an MOU with GGGI Senegal

October 13, 2020 – A memorandum of understanding (MoU)  has officially been signed between GGGI Senegal and the Basel and Stockholm Convention Regional Center ( CRCBS-af) with the aim to promote the provisions of the Basel convention.

The CRCBS-af is a regional unit for north and west Africa with the mission to assess the national situation regarding hazardous waste and chemical management and to promote technological knowledge transfer and information flow mechanisms related to hazardous and chemical waste. With this context, GGGI signed an MoU with the center in order to frame a partnership related to the WEEE project in Dakar funded by the Grand Duche of Luxembourg.

The objective of this memorandum is to formalize a Framework for cooperation between GGGI and the CRCBS-AF in order to facilitate collaboration between the parties with management of WEEE and strengthen the role of CRCBS-AF as a project partner to support implementation.

The CRCBS-AF committed to supporting GGGI in technology transfer on WEEE, supporting initiatives in terms of communication and awareness, and supporting GGGI in mapping actors.