An on site mission led on the Senegal River Valley to visit Rice Mills

As a part of the project funded by GIZ for the energy auditing of 05 rice mills in the Senegal river valley. The Country Representative Assana Alio led a site visit with project staff members and implementing partners during her field mission in the region at the intervention areas of the solar irrigation project to meet with the managers of the rice mills involved in the energy audit and capacity building project on energy efficiency in the production process.

The beneficiaries of the energy auditing project came back on the approach of the capacity building program implemented by GGGI to support the energy efficiency of their unit. They recalled the measurement and evaluation missions to acquire practical knowledge on the efficient use of energy in unit operations. The objective of this project is provide deeper insights and technical studies to a rice mills sustainable management for reducing GHG emissions and raise competitiveness in rice sector in Senegal.