An awareness raising visit in Tivaouane to promote the drainage service call center

The communication and behavior change campain implementing partner EVE developped an awareness raising visit in 3 selected neighbourhoods in the district of Tivaouane. The waste water component including in the waste water plastic waste and electronic electric waste in green secondaries cities through innovative business models for recycling and valorization project funded by the Government of Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

The call center service for drainage is an innovative platform implemented our partner DELVIC experienced company specialized in the treatment and recovery sludge and manage feacal sludge treatment plants ( FSTPs). This component purpose is to extend  Tivaouane FSTPs processing capacity to 110m3/day.  

From a more forward looking perspective, several jointly sessions were organized in order to frame the communication methology for promoting the call center uses by households in Tivaouane district. Local emptiers operating on site were trained by GGGI on formalization procedures. Being legally composed would offer more attractiveness to build a better drainage company and to deliver high quality serivices. The platform dispose of a toll free number to benefit of drainage service from the existing emptiers network.

The partner EVE whose leading the communication and behavior change campain  recruited group of  community relays for supporting the awareness campain in the district.  At least 150 neighbourhood leaders were front of joint delegation for the mission held on 17 june 2021.  Sanitation issues were  debate in several session in those 03 selected district that were choosen following a consultation process validated by emptiers. These communications activities allowed us to better understand households abilities to change habits in the favor of the environment.  Manual emptying caused last week a fatality in the city with the lost of a popular manual emptier incured an accident while working inside in a not normal septic tank. Promoting quality of drainage is one a of the main subject for the campain in the district for the next weeks because of the importance of drainage to be covered.

The waster water collected from households sould be contained in the FSTPs for being valorized into sub-products. In this segment, the project selected “la Maison Rurale Familiale” a women market gardens cultivating vegetables by using treated feacal sludge as fertilizing inputs. Delegation headed by the Country Representative, GGGI staff with DELVIC & EVE were welcomed inside to visit the process.