After Years Of Criticism, Palm Oil Tycoons Promise Greener Future

The old way of doing business at Golden Agri-Resources and its sister company Sinar Mas drew heat from environmentalists, politicians and even the company’s own clients. Unilever , Nestlé and Burger King all suspended business operations with Golden Agri in 2009. The next year Greenpeace published a report titled “How Sinar Mas Is Pulping the Planet.” Two years later Indonesia’s then president, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, put a moratorium on new logging permits for a territory covering more than a third of the country’s landmass. The moratorium’s expiration has since been pushed to 2015, and Yudhoyono, now heading a multilaterally funded Global Green Growth Institute, has encouraged his successor, Joko Widodo, to extend it again.

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