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The Impact and Evaluation Unit (IEU) supports transformational change in Member and Partner countries. IEU achieves this by commissioning independent evaluations that help improve the design and implementation of GGGI programs and operations, strengthen transparency and accountability to GGGI Members and Partners and build a credible evidence base for green growth.

Impact and Evaluation Function

The IEU has two functions,

  1. Conducting thematic and country evaluations – The IEU undertakes these evaluations to assess the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact, and sustainability of operations, and alignment with the priorities established within GGGI’s Strategy 2030 and its implementing Road Map.
  2. Mainstreaming GGGI’s impact agenda – The IEU advises operational teams in the design of program monitoring, evaluation, reporting, and improvement frameworks on a demand-driven basis, with a focus on ensuring coherent theories of change and credible results frameworks that are clear, measurable, and aligned to GGGI’s impact agenda.

Evaluation Rules

The Evaluation Rules provide a governance and management framework for GGGI’s evaluation function. It describes the key principles, management arrangements, implementation approach and quality standards for evaluation. The Evaluation Rules are supplementary to GGGI’s Project Cycle Management Manual, specifically Part 5 on Results Reporting and Evaluation.

Annual Evaluation Workplans and Activity Reports

As per GGGI’s Evaluation Rules, the IEU’s annual workplans is reviewed by the Institute’s Management and Program Sub-Committee before being implemented.

Previous Annual Evaluation Workplans:

In 2022, the IEU published its first activity report, in accordance with the GGGI’s Evaluation Rules.

Meet the Impact and Evaluation Team

Meet the Impact and Evaluation Team

James Sheppard

Specialist, Impact and Evaluation

Yoonyoung Jung

Officer, Impact and Evaluation