A Presentation Workshop on the potential for policy approaches under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement held in Dakar

Dakar, February 7, 2020 – The workshop on GGGI Article 6 Project was held on February 07th ,2020 in the meeting room of the Directorate of Environment and Classified Establishments (DECC in French). The Session was chaired by M. Ousmane Fall SARR, President of the Climate change National Committee (COMNACC in French), and co-chaired by the Madeleine Diouf SARR, Head of the Climate change Division and National designated authority of the Green Climate Fund (GCF).

The meeting was attended by the executive members, and Experts of the COMNACC involve in Paris Agreement international negotiations, extended to key public partners (Directorates and Agencies) involved in Energy, Sanitation, Industry, Research, Sanitation, Hydrocarbons, Electrification, Agriculture and Biogas. The Private sector, NGO’s and Civils Society actors were also represented at the workshop.

The aim of the project was to present the project design policy approaches that ultimately looks for innovative approaches to increase the ambitions regarding global carbon emissions reduction beyond NDCs. One pathway to it is through the design of policy approaches that will lead to emissions reductions that can be transacted as ITMOs. The Paris Agreement opens a space for larger bilateral agreements to create the transformational change needed. GGGI’s unique position, embedded within governments, positions us well to assist with designing such approaches and providing the required technical assistance throughout such process.

The overall objective of the workshop was to present the project, give the feedback of the B to B meetings with key stakeholders and findings, discuss on the potential interest of Senegal to be part of the process and the next steps.

The project aroused the interest of all the stakeholders present, most of whom have a good knowledge of CO2 reductions and carbon credits that can be transacted. This makes Senegal an excellent candidate for the rest of the process. The technical actors, through the enriching discussions and interesting proposals, welcomed the idea of seeing Senegal commit to the next steps.

To this end, the echo of this meeting and the favorable opinions issued will be transmitted to the supervisory authority with the relevant documentation, in order to formalize the expression of interest from Senegal to continue this collaboration.