7th Green Round Table: Green New Deal and its potential in Post COVID-19 recovery

SEOUL, Republic of Korea; June 19, 2020 — The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI), in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea, the KDI School of Public Policy and Management, and EIT Climate-KIC will host the 7th Green Round Table on June 24, 2020. The event will provide a platform for experts from both the private and public sectors to discuss Korea’s “Green New Deal” and its potential to drive post COVID-19 recovery. Participants will share and learn from similar policy initiatives in making the green transition. 

Session 1: “Economic Recovery and Climate Response in Post COVID-19: Why the Green New Deal Matter?” — The first session will provide an overview of the economic policy initiatives and plans from the government based on arguments that emphasize the need for such policies to include ‘green’ elements. During the session, speakers and participants will share their insights on why post COVID-19 economic recovery packages needs to be green.

Session 2: “Sharing Country Experiences and Lessons for Korea: How can we achieve successful Green New Deal?” — During the second session, participants of the event will learn from other leading countries, including the EU, Denmark, and the UAE, on their actions to green their efforts to mitigate and recover from the fallout of COVID-19 and how to make the recovery process greener.

The opening session of the event will feature opening remarks from H.E. Kang Kyung-wha, Minister of Foreign Affairs, as well as congratulatory remarks by H.E. Ban Ki-moon GGGI President & Chair and Eighth UN Secretary-General; H.E. Kim Jung-wook Chairman, Presidential Committee on Green Growth; and H.E. Kim Sung-whan, Member of the National Assembly.

At the close of the event, GGGI will hold its 10th Anniversary Celebration to commemorate the past decade of milestones, challenges overcome, and major success stories from its Members to solve the climate crisis and achieve a low-carbon, resilient world of strong, inclusive, and sustainable growth.