Shinenemekh Volooj

Shinee is a chemist by profession with 20+ years of work experience in scientific, technological and policy research and analysis.

Previously, she worked as a post-doctorate researcher at the University of Manchester and as a partner/consultant at Gerege Partners LLC, a Mongolian professional consultancy firm. Key areas of Shinee’s expertise include environmental policy research and analysis, environmentally friendly sustainable processing technologies, supply and value chain analysis/development, local business and economic development of mining impact communities, water recycling and reuse technology, filtration methods, industrial waste reduction, reuse and recycling technologies, chemical processing of cashmere, wool and other luxury animal fibres, development, management and implementation of technical projects and not-for-profit, social activity.

Shinee is a graduate of the National University of Mongolia (BSc 1995) and the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (MPhil 1999, PhD 2004).