Pasnakorn Maikate

Pasnakorn Maikate is a “Stakeholder Engagement Officer” based in GGGI Thailand. He has worked with GGGI since October 2014 until now. Before starting with GGGI he was an Environmental and Stakeholder Engagement Specialist. He had extensive experiences more than 16 years in Environmental Management System, Corporate Social Responsibility and Public Participation Consultation for government, state enterprise, private and industrial sector.

He got a Bachelor Degree in Geographic (1st Hons.), Faculty of Social Science, Srinakarin University, Bangkok, Thailand and a Master Degree in Environmental Management (Hons), National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA), Bangkok, Thailand.

He is contributing GGGI especially GGGI Thailand to support and develop green projects and engage relevant stakeholders for central and local government and private sector.