In 2017, GGGI established an Impact & Evaluation Unit (IEU) to assess the impacts of the organization’s work. IEU primarily achieves this by commissioning independent evaluations that:

  • help improve the design and implementation of GGGI programs and operations;
  • strengthen transparency and accountability to GGGI members and donors; and
  • contribute to building an evidence base for green growth.

GGGI's Evaluation Policy

The GGGI Evaluation Rules provide a governance and management framework for the way GGGI’s evaluation function is run. It describes the key principles, management arrangements, implementation approach and quality standards for evaluation.

Annual Evaluation Workplan 2018

This document outlines the Institute’s Annual Evaluation Workplan for 2018, to be implemented by IEU. As per GGGI’s evaluation policy, Annual Evaluation Workplans are reviewed by the Institute’s Management and Program Sub-Committee before being approved by management.
The workplan for 2018 is divided into three main areas:

  • Harnessing green growth evidence
  • Thematic and country program evaluations
  • Building GGGI’s evaluation capability

Independent Evaluation of GGGI Thailand Country Program

An independent evaluation of GGGI’s Thailand Country Program was commissioned in 2017. The evaluation aimed to assess the performance of the program between 2014-2017 in a range of areas, including relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability.

Further information on the evaluation approach, the key findings and recommendations, and GGGI’s management response can be accessed from the following documents:


Independent Evaluation of GGGI Mexico Country Program

In 2017, GGGI’s Impact and Evaluation Unit commissioned an evaluation of the Mexico Country Program.  The evaluation explored the key outcomes achieved by the program from 2013-2017 and also undertook a detailed analysis of GGGI’s work in the areas of sustainable transport and air quality.

Further information on the evaluation approach, the key findings and recommendations, and GGGI’s management response can be accessed from the following documents:


Evaluation Approach Paper - Peru Country Program (2018)

This Evaluation Approach Paper documents the proposed design of the independent evaluation of the Peru Country Program. It outlines: the purpose of the evaluation; the theory of change for various components of the program; the evaluation scope, including key evaluation questions; and draft evaluation methodology.

Independent evaluation of GGGI's progress against the Strategic Plan 2015-20

With GGGI reaching the halfway mark of its Strategic Plan 2015-2020, an independent evaluation was commissioned in 2017 to take stock of progress made against the Strategic Plan and inform a mid-term refresh of the document. The evaluation addressed key questions relating to performance of country and global programs, GGGI’s institutional development, and the suggested revisions to the Strategic Plan.

Key findings and recommendations from this work can be accessed from the following documents:

In 2018, a follow up review was undertaken to provide an update on the progress made by GGGI in implementing its management responses to this evaluation.  A summary of the update is available from the following document:

Third Joint Donor Review of GGGI (2015)

A Third Joint Donor Review (JDR) of the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) was undertaken in October 2015 with the overall objective to assess the progress in the operationalization of the GGGI’s Strategic Plan 2015-2020 and assess the value of the GGGI in the global context. The overall conclusion is that the GGGI is making good progress towards addressing the recommendations of the previous JDR and creating value for its partners, has developed and started implementing a valid Strategic Plan that shows strong potential for the systemic achievement of economic and human development results in the coming years, and has undertaken an organizational restructuring and strengthening of its organizational systems to overcome past challenges.

Second Joint Donor Review of GGGI (2013)

The objective of the second joint donor review was to assess the progress of GGGI’s GGP&I programs, including related aspects of research, PPC operations and GGGI governance structures and partnership behaviours, to provide recommendations for their further development.

The review was conducted by Australia (AusAID), Norway (Norad), Government of Republic of Korea and Denmark (Danida). GGGI staff members participated as resource persons, including staff members in the partner countries visited.