Viet Nam Wastewater Management System (Ben Tre)

At a Glance

Start Date Q4 2015
Funding Source Core
Approved Budget USD 30 000 000
Status Active
Thematic Area
  • Water and Sanitation
Adam Ward

Country Representative

Project Rationale

Under the Vietnam Green Growth Strategy, GGGI supported Viet Nam’s efforts to identify and effectively developed bankable green growth investment opportunities for Vietnamese cities. The GGGI Viet Nam Country Program and ADB Viet Nam Resident Mission together identified Ben Tre City as a candidate city to collaborate to develop a bankable project for wastewater management. Ben Tre City is located in the coastal lowlands in the Mekong region, and is among one of the most vulnerable regions to extreme weather events due to climate change (floods, draughts, storms, saltwater intrusion). The City has a population of about 152,078 (2015). As the city has no wastewater treatment plant, untreated wastewater is discharged to the river and canals causing substantial pollution. GGGI produced a FS Report containing feasible technical options for sanitation improvement and wastewater treatment in the city.

Building on 2015-2016 work

In June 2015, GGGI and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) had a high-level meeting in Manila and agreed to collaborate for developing tangible green investment projects in Viet Nam. GGGI and ADB identified Ben Tre City located in the Mekong region in Viet Nam, as a candidate for collaboration for potential ADB financing for urban wastewater management. Ben Tre is one of the 10 cities for which ADB conducted City Sanitation Strategy (CSS) studies under its Technical Assistance. In July 2015, GGGI, together with the Ministry of Construction (MOC), launched the Urban Green Growth Action project in Viet Nam. During implementation of this project, stakeholders requested GGGI to work in the wastewater and sanitation sectors.

Delivery Strategy


  • Feasibility Study developed with feasible options for sanitation improvement and wastewater treatment in Ben Tre City


  • Demonstrating project feasibility and sub-sovereign lending of up to $30m (USD) for building wastewater treatment system in Ben Tre City

Planned Results

The project will contribute to greener development of Ben Tre City by supporting (1) Adaptation to floods, droughts, and salinity intrusion through the increase of sewerage coverage and improvement of wastewater treatment process, and (2) Mitigation through implementation of low energy/low carbon technologies and the increase of sewerage coverage.


Green City Development Guidelines Viet Nam  • Green Cities  • Cross Cutting
Green City Development Guidelines

Viet Nam  • Green Cities  • Cross Cutting

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Start Date Q1 2017
Funding Source Core
Approved Budget USD 702 000
Status Active
Thematic Area
  • Cross Cutting