GGGI Regulations, Policies & Guidance Notes

Type Document Category
Regulations Financial Regulations Finance
Regulations Procurement Regulations Procurement
Regulations Staff Regulations and Staff Rules Human Resources
Rules Procurement Rules Procurement
Rules Arbitration Rules Human Resources
Rules Delegation of Authority Management
Rules Rules Concerning Engagement and Use of Individual Consultants Human Resources
Rules Rules for Processing and Approval of Institutional Arrangements Agreements Legal Services
Rules Travel Rules Management
Rules Rules on Private Sector Engagement Management
Rules Evaluation Rules Evaluation
Policy Anti-Corruption Policy Ethics
Policy Conference Attendance Policy Management
Policy Disclosure Policy Governance
Policy Finance Policies and Procedures Manual Finance
Policy Learning and Development Policy Human Resources
Policy Policy on English Language Contracts Management
Policy Policy on Opportunities for Visiting Persons to and from GGGI Human Resources
Policy Policy on Representation Expenses Human Resources
Policy Policy on Use of GGGI Logo and Sponsorship Management
Policy Whistleblower Policy Ethics
Policy Compliance Review Mechanism Ethics
Policy Project Cycle Management Manual Management
Guidance Note Guideline on Gift Acceptance Management
Guidance Note Guidelines for GGGI Anti-Corruption and Whistleblower Policies Management
Guidance Note Guidelines on Continuation of Management Functions during Absences of Incumbents and for Vacant Positions Management
Guidance Note Guidelines for External Participation in GGGI-Funded Events Management